Julia Jackson Shares her Vision with Cambria Seeds of Empowerment

The Jackson family is well known throughout the wine industry and their brand continues to grow and expand each year. Julia Jackson, a daughter of Barbara Banke and the late Jess Jackson is a vital part of that success and vision. A Scripps College graduate, Julia is also very involved in philanthropy and giving back. In fact, the charity that she founded, Cambria Seeds of Empowerment is a great example of how women can help each other to succeed. Julia cites her mother’s influence in learning more about empowerment and fostering an environment that supports and encourages strong and successful women.

Another project that has captured Julia’s imagination is the idea of bringing the Cabernet varietal to the Sonoma County area. Vérité La Joie is a Cabernet and Bordeaux blend that has been received quite favorably. Jackson believes that the area is well-suited for growing this grape and she believes that there is room in Sonoma for the Cabernet varietal to join the popular Pinot Noir and Chardonnays. Her vision is taking shape and there are more producers who have become interested in Cabernet after witnessing the success of Vérité La Joie. Its popularity continues to grow as does the interest of producing this varietal in Sonoma.

Learn more: https://theatlanta100.com/food/2015/10/21/warrior-women-of-wine

Jackson is no stranger to the winemaking world and some of her earliest memories include picking grapes alongside her father when she was a child. Her family is very tight knit and the Jackson Family Wines company is a piece of all of them. Julia even has a vineyard named after her, something that her parents did to honor her birth. Julia’s Vineyard continues to produce many exquisite varietals. It will be interesting to see what projects Julia Jackson tackles next as she balances her role as company spokesperson for Jackson Family Wines with her many passions. The Jackson family continues to honor their deep history in the winemaking world while always keeping an eye on the future. Their empire continues to grow across the globe, and the influence of the family’s company on the world of wine is indisputable. Julia Jackson is one to watch.

The Talent Search is On: Julie Zuckerberg, Talent Recruiter for the Financial Sector

Julie Zuckerberg is an executive lead recruiter for Deutsche Bank (which literally means “German Bank”). She has a work history that made her very well prepared for this position. She has learned how to help financial institutions find and employ the best talent, and works for the side of the employee as well, making sure that thier talents will be very well fitted to the position which she recommends to them. How did Julie Zuckerberg’s career advance so that she was in this position? She is a graduate of law school and has worked hard in many positions.


Julie Zuckerberg studied Philosophy at City University in Brooklyn, New York. She went on to get her law degree. After her rigorous program of study she was well equipped to enter the work force as a recruiter. She started out working with Hudson. Zuckerberg used her knowledge from law school with this company, as she navigated through conflict resolution, rules and regulations, and contract negotiations. After Hudson, Zuckerberg was hired by Citi Global Consumer Bank. She advised bank leaders about recruitment methods and how to successfully hire talent that would propel the bank into success. For financial institutions, hiring executives with the right skill set is key to success. A leader within the bank has the ability to change the entire culture of the bank, and can lead to great success or failure. With the right people in leadership roles, banks can rise above the competition and become top institutions in the financial sector. Zuckerberg was recognized for her recruitment abilities and was promoted within the bank.


After years of working with City Global, Zuckerberg went forward in her career into a new position with New York Life Insurance Company. After working within the insurance industry for some time, Zuckerberg moved to a position that involved her in finances once again. Her work history supported this move, because of her years of experience with Citi Global Consumer Bank. Zuckerberg is now a lead executive recruiter with the Deutsche Bank, where she puts her years of experience to work. She has an eye for talent that will move the bank in the right direction. Through strategy that she has learned over the years, Zuckerberg successfully acquires talent from all over the globe in order to help the Deutsche bank succeed. The Deutsche bank has an excellent hiring package, which helps Zuckerberg in her recruiting efforts. None-the -less, she must be adept at relating to people, speaking to them about their needs, and finding positions that fit their skill set within the bank.


Julie’s hobbies include running and photography. She is an avid runner, and joins in on many social running events in and around New York City.


Kim Dao Goes on the Bullet Train From Osaka

After spending a week sightseeing in Osaka and staying with her host family (http://www.kimdaoblog.com/). Kim Dao decided to take the  Bullet Train back to Tokyo. She took a regular train down to Osaka because it was Golden Week in Japan. The entire trip took 12 hours. Kim Dao decided she wanted to take the Bullet Train back because it would be faster. Because the Bullet train was heavily booked going down to the city of Osaka, Kim Dao believed that she would have been squished on the three-hour trip. So, Kim Dao decided to take a normal train instead. She did like watching the interesting views of the countryside from the train window, but Kim Dao said it did take 12 hours to get to Osaka.Learn more : https://www.facebook.com/KimDaoOfficial/


Kim Dao was able to buy tickets for the Kodoma bullet train, the slowest of all the bullet trains in Japan because it makes more stops than the others. Once she was all packed and said goodbye to her host family, she was on her way to the Shin -Osaka train station. If her host family ever comes to Japan or Australia, she would love to show them around. She lamented that she lived in Tokyo instead of Osaka. Before leaving, Kim Dao ate her breakfast of toast with cheese and ham, a bowl of strawberries,and a cup of coffee to drink. The train trip took about 3.5 hours, one forth the time a regular train takes.Learn more : https://www.pinterest.com/kimdaoblog

Why You Should Use Rubbish Removal Services

Have you ever realized you feel better when your surrounding home and immediate environment are clean? Bringing your environment back to a clean and organized space can be a daunting task. To help overcome this, it helps to hire a rubbish removal service.


Benefits of Hiring a Rubbish Removal Service

A professional rubbish removal service will help you downsize your clutter or garbage that has been piling up. They ensure that nothing is left behind that isn’t supposed to be left, and they bring disposal trucks or bins to expedite the rubbish clearance. This is also very cost effective. They will drive their trucks to the dump as many times as needed for one flat rate. If you drive it yourself in a car or trailer, there is a fee for every separate load you bring in. Make sure you do your research before you hire a company. Shop around and see what they bring with them to the jobs and what types of trash they’ll remove, as some companies don’t remove batteries or things with chemicals. Lastly, discuss pricing options and ask if they charge a flat rate or charge by the dumpster full.



Clearabee is a rubbish removal service with high ratings. They offer several different rubbish clearance packages, as well as same day rubbish removal. Their prices include labor and loading your rubbish as well. You can also book online or by phone for more flexible options.


To learn more about Clearabee, the leader in green rubbish removal – look at their awesome wikipedia!