The Absurdity of Gender Roles in Dating Discussed By Whitney Wolfe

     Let’s face it; when it comes to dating, gender roles have actually sucked the life out of it. For one thing, dating is supposed to be a fun and free activity. There are tons of unwritten rules that a lot of men and women don’t believe in anyway in this day and age. Whitney Wolfe herself does not believe in these roles. For one thing, she has seen that these unwritten rules have done her no good when it comes to dating. She has also seen the effects it could have on women from men because of unexpected consequences in the dating world.

One rule that Whitney Wolfe does not like is that men have to make the first move. One thing that she has seen is that men take a risk for rejection. They also take rejection really hard. As a result, they may get aggressive with the women they ask out. With online dating, Whitney Wolfe has decided to make it easier on the men and women. For one thing, men get to enjoy the approaches they get from women. Men can also decide on whether or not they want to go on a date with the women that message them.

Whitney Wolfe is using Bumble as one of the vehicles for empowerment. One of the goals with Bumble is that women are encouraged to take the initiative for what they want. Initiating a conversation with men is one way to get women into pursuing the type of life they want. One thing that people need to realize is that it is not very likely that anything that they want is going to come to them. They have to go for the type of life they want in order to have a better chance at getting it. Bumble helps give people that initiative.

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