Bruno Fagali Sorts Legal Cases for Financial Institutions

Bruno Fagali is a renowned corporate lawyer in Brazil. He has expert knowledge in for various legal disciplines. His areas of expertise include Administrative and Corporate Law, Urban Law, Regulatory Law and much more. After his studies, he joined various law firms where he started his career. From these law practices, he earned in-depth experiences that propelled him for greater opportunities.

Speaking of greater opportunities, Bruno Fagali founded his FAGALI, his private law firm. Additionally, he earned himself a position at Nova/ SB as a corporate manager of the firm. At Nova/SB, he manages legal operations in the company’s two branches. These include the offices in Sao Paulo and another in Brasilia. In delegating his duties, he has rooted integrity and straightforwardness in administering legal advice to their clients. Besides, Bruno Fagali promotes confidence between the government and citizens of his country.

Late in August, a financial institution, the National Monetary Council (CMN) filed a lawful complaint on behalf of other banks. The complaint, Resolution No. 4,595 state the regulations in the licenses awarded to the firms by the Central Bank of Brazil. In the process of sorting these issues, Bruno Fagali was called upon to help in solving the case. According to him, the business laws stated in this section of the constitution do not include the operations of financial institutions. However, he initiated amendments that would steer the strengthening and implementation of laws in the favor of these firms.

For this to be effective, the board of directors of the banks is required to confirm the approval of these policies. Bruno Fagali advised them to take active part ensuring that the compliance policy is effective. Another thing to note is that the policy would be implemented later in December. Nevertheless, if the board of these financial institutions rushes their general meetings which should be conducted according to the law, the policy can be effective even earlier than that.

The participation of Bruno Fagali the case was unprecedented. Additionally, his notable contributions to the Brazilian economy are incredible. With all these, his career is destined for greater accomplishments in the near future. Check more:


How Gregory Aziz Made National Steel Car A Success

A company requires a lot of effort for it to finally stand on its own. The prestigious businesses that exist began as small-scale businesses. A lot of challenges were encountered, but through determination and patience, they finally made it. The National Steel Car is an example of such a company. Before 1994, the Prominent National Steel Car only exist in the dreams of Gregory Aziz.


National Steel Car was not in good shape when he took over. He, however, had what it takes to make the Canadian company the leading railroad, freight cars and tank manufacturing company in North America. Greg Aziz organized his team, taught them the importance of teamwork and a good communication line.


Gregory J Aziz says that the company’s priority is consistent in quality. Over the years, the company has maintained the high-quality provision of products. The clients are satisfied with what they offer. James Aziz says that their customers have significantly contributed to the success of their company. He explains that their feedback gives them an idea of what they need to rectify. The feedback also gives the company an easy time on deciding what the consumers want.


Gregory Aziz also says that the other group that has greatly influenced the success of National Steel Car is the employees. He explains how cooperative they have been. It is their teamwork that led to increasing of railcar production from the normal 3500 to 12000.


Gregory Aziz says that the company does not focus on past achievements. This eliminates the possibility of the excitement blocking their success. The company also aims at maintaining their culture. They also want to remain at the top.


The company keeps challenging itself to advance. They always aim at achieving higher. They believe in making progress. As a result, the company has gained trust from their clients.


The National Steel Car led by their CEO Greg Aziz participate in humanitarian groups. They see the need to give back to the society. They, therefore, donate to several charitable organization. The community is grateful for his input in the 23 years he has been putting in bettering their life.


Apart from his success as a businessman, he is also a family man. He’s a father of two and has a wife by the name Irene. Greg Aziz and his wife are sponsors of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. She supports him in his philanthropy work. During his free time, Gregory J Aziz spends time with his family. They all enjoy horse riding.

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Gregory Aziz: a Highly Knowledgeable Entrepreneur with a Heart for the People

Gregory James Aziz has created a household name for himself in Hamilton, Ontario for creating the largest railroad car manufacturing and engineering company in the region, National Steel Car. This firm is not the first that he has steered to the top. He had helped Affiliated Foods, a food venture owned by his family, to take over the food import and distribution market across America and Canada. He joined the company in 1971 at just 22 years of age which goes to show that entrepreneurship comes naturally to him. Greg Aziz was trained at Ridley College and furthered his education at the University of Western Ontario where he majored in economics. This background training has been instrumental in his career journey.


Career Growth


Between 1987 and 1993, Gregory J. Aziz worked in New York in the investment banking sector. During this time, he spotted an opportunity that gave him a breakthrough. Dofasco was selling National Steel Car which he successfully purchased. He had a vision, and that was to create a titan in railroad freight car manufacturing in the entire North America. Greg Aziz planned to create a strong team and merge it with the existing manufacturing strengths at the company. He injected the right amount of capital and went on to acquire the best human resource. Five years later, his efforts had born fruits as the volume of car manufactured annually had gone up considerably.





Gregory J. Aziz business skills have been manifested extensively at National Steel Car. He managed to build the firm on strong values to become the most innovative, dynamic, diverse and the most trusted railroad freight car manufacturer. Today, the company has gone beyond freight cars to manufacture railroad tank cars according to the set standards. It is no wonder that the firm is the only one in the sector to receive the ISO 9001:2008 certification for almost two decades now. It is also awe-inspiring that in just two years after his take over, the firm was privileged to receive the highest quality award, TTX SECO. Get More Information Here.


Value for People


Greg Aziz has a big heart for the people, and he manifests this trait well in the charity events that he organizes and supports. He and his wife Irene are known to support the biggest agricultural fair in Canada named Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. He also brings together both the current and past employees who hold food drives each year. The food is later donated to food banks in the region.

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Dr. David Samadi And A Helpful Health Program

Dr. David B. Samadi is a highly respected medical professional. He’s coming out with a brand new television show that aims to help people learn more about health, too. People who have pressing health and wellness concerns will surely appreciate this program. Dr. Samadi is a qualified individual who has been widely known for a long time. He’s been a guest on a wide range of news television shows throughout the years. He’s been a big force on the radio, too.

People in New York may be familiar with a local wellness show he used to host. People who appreciate Dr. Samadi’s health insight and expertise have reason to jump for joy now. They’ll be able to enjoy “Sunday Housecall With Dr. David Samadi” live broadcasts beginning in the fall of 2017. These broadcasts will be available on a weekly basis, too. People who listen to this show will be able to learn about many pertinent wellness subjects. They’ll be able to learn about everything from routine physical activity needs to well-rounded diets. They’ll be able to learn about prostate matters, female health and more as well. People who want to be able to access all of the latest and greatest health news items won’t want to miss out on this program.

Dr. Samadi is going to be the program’s friendly and reliable host. The program is also going to include guests who are medical specialists. Listeners will be able to learn about key medical topics from a diverse selection of people.

Dr. David Samadi is an acclaimed doctor who originally comes from the Middle Eastern nation of Iran. He at the moment lives in Old Westbury on Long Island in New York. He spent his youth in a Persian Jewish neighborhood. He moved out of Iran when he was merely 15 years in age. He did so alongside his brother. They did this as a response to the Iranian Revolution. This occurred at the end of the seventies. The brothers did a lot of learning in London, England and in Belgium. They did this prior to their arrival in the United States. Dr. David Samadi attended high school in a Nassau County village called Roslyn. He headed to Stony Brook University once his high school career was over. He studied biochemistry at the public institution of higher learning. This doctor is an esteemed professional who knows a lot about urology.

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Obsidian Energy A Beneficial Influence

Obsidian Energy is a producer of gas and oil. Obsidian Energy was established in the year 1979. Obsidian Energy‘s headquarter is located in Calgary, Alberta.


Obsidian Energy as a company promotes positivity. It practices positive core values. Obsidian Energy is a corporation that revolves around discipline, persistent passion for providing quality work, firm responsibility towards the corporation’s stockholders, and commitment towards the community that the corporation works in.


Obsidian Energy is very motivated and dedicated towards making change within the community. It stands by making beneficial changes daily for the communities it serves. Obsidian Energy has a program to help promote progressive impact within the communities it serves. The program is called Our Community Matters. The Our Community Matters program helps Obsidian Energy to maintain commitment towards operating at a reverential and responsible level. It keeps communication open within the communities Obsidian Energy serves on daily basis.


Obsidian Energy also has ecological programs implemented within the company. The purpose of the ecological programs at Obsidian Energy is to help this company maintain and surpass ecological guideline, embrace shareholder communication, offer resource preservation, and maintain appropriate practices associated with recovery and site desertion.


Health and safety is a vital aspect of activities that occur within the company Obsidian Energy. The safety guidelines practiced by this company protect the company itself, fellow employees, relatives, friends, community, and the environment.


Obsidian Energy is involved in operations. Its operations include Alberta Viking, Cardium, and Peace River. Obsidian Energy has a fundamental benefit in the Alberta Viking operation. Its involvement with Alberta Viking enables this company to maintain a primary position and substructure possession over the whole area of Esther. Overall, Obsidian Energy has been able to leverage the substructure capability through this operation. The Cardium operation enables Obsidian Energy to preserve reservoir compression from the beginning of production. As a result, this company is able to significantly decrease decline charges on newer built wells. Peace River operation that Obsidian Energy is associated with enables oil to be responsive to conservative cold-flow activity.


In conclusion, Obsidian Energy provides beneficial change to the community.


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Get To Know Obsidian Energy

Obsidian Energy is a mid-sized oil company with an extensive high-quality portfolio of assets. This company is very much a bottom line results company with the very essence of the entrepreneurial spirit to succeed. Obsidian has a firm belief in accountability, something few companies have today. This is an important feature for both shareholders, but also to the communities in which the company operates. While other companies ignore their responsibilities, Obsidian Energy prefers to lead by example to others in the industry. David French, the President and CEO, has truly shown his experience with the efficiency of the company. His former experience for companies such as Apache Corporation and Amoco Production Company (now known as BP) has helped this company thrive.


David French has refined the former Penn West (now known as Obsidian Energy) in June of twenty seventeen. David French suggested the name change because the company no longer resembles the old Penn West. He said that this year marks a new beginning and he wasn’t kidding. He completely reformed the company when he took over. From top to bottom he streamlined its operations. Cutting wasteful spending and reducing the company’s net debt, now show the companies efficiency and gets rid of many obstacles of the company. It truly has become a new company. This is why David French’s idea of renaming the company to Obsidian Energy was so well received by its shareholders. The company now has a forecast production of roughly thirty thousand bbl. per day and will only grow from there. See This Article to Learn More.


Obsidian Energy is expected to have growth over the next three years with prices tied closely with oil and gas. With its shareholders voting ninety two percent in favor of the name change David French has the full backing of the shareholders in his quest to make this company successful. Even the companies new name is part of David’s plan to shape and hone the company. He has no doubt that the company is on a path toward success and has even staked the companies name on this. The company has reduced its debts from three billion in twenty thirteen to a minor three hundred million today. With its massive reductions in debt and its forecasted growth, I can only see a good future for Obsidian Energy.

Ted Bauman, a Resourceful Person in Financial Issues

     Ted Bauman is an accomplished journalist with in-depth understanding of international migration issues, asset protection, low-risk investment strategies and privacy matters. Since 2013, Bauman has been working for Banyan Hill Publishing as the editor of The Bauman Letter, Plan B Club and Alpha Stock Alert. Ted’s goal is to keep people from all walks of life abreast with information and resources that will help them live better lives that are free from government and corporate oppression. In addition, Bauman is a writer for the FREE daily newsletter and The Sovereign Investor Daily.

Ted was born in Washington D.C. and spent his childhood days in Maryland. At a youthful age, Mr. Bauman decided to relocate to South Africa, where he enrolled at the University of Cape Town for a postgraduate degree in Economics and History. He later went to spend 25 years in South Africa, where he served in various positions in different organizations. Ted worked as a fund manager for Slum Dwellers Internationals, a non-profit organization whose focus is to provide housing to people at affordable prices. This institution started in South Africa, but over the years, it has grown to serve across different countries.

Ted Bauman also spent a significant amount of his career time working as a consultant for various agencies including the government of South Africa, The United Nations, and the World Bank, among others. As a consultant, his role involved carrying out extensive research and compiling actionable reports for his clients.

In 2008, Ted made a decision of returning to his home country where he took the role of Director of Housing Programs for Habitat for Humanity International. Part of his responsibility was to travel to different countries to work on different housing projects. While traversing various countries around the globe, Ted was able to learn so many things that have made him a better person. He learned that it is extremely important for investors to spread their business across different nations of the globe, this means they will be storing the wealth in various parts of the world, which is a prudent decision any investor can make.

Through Alpha Stock Alert, Ted is able to share ways that can be employed to expand wealth. On the other hand, The Bauman Letter is a platform where people get access to actionable strategies, which can be used to attain Financial Freedom. Ted and his father are the authors of a book titled “Where to Stash Your Cash Legally”

Greg Aziz’s Entrepreneurship Success Story.

Greg Aziz is the President, Chairman and the CEO of leading manufacturing company known as National Steel Car which is the world’s number one tank cars and railroad freight cars engineering and manufacturing companies located in Hamilton Ontario Canada. At 68 years, James Aziz underwent part of his studies at the Ridley College before joining University of Western Ontario for economics studies. After finishing his education, Greg J Aziz joined his family business in 1971 in a company called Affiliated Foods. The company mostly focused on importing fresh foods from South and Central America and Europe which he would later distribute to markets across Eastern Canada and the United States of America.


Gregory James Aziz had worked in different investment banks in the late 1980s and 1990’s. In 1994, Greg J Aziz bought National Steel Car with investments he had made. He bought from another organization known as from Dofasco. Aziz’s primary goal was to transform the Canadian company into North America’s top railroad freight car maker. Through capital and human resource investment, team building and high engineering capabilities of National Steel Car, the company was able to surpass its annual production from 3,500 cars to 12,000. This tremendous improvement was achieved in only five years. The company also added its workforce from 600 to 3,000 workers thanks to the excellent leadership of James Aziz. Through the leadership of Greg James Aziz, National Steel Cars leads the new car innovation and also producing over twelve-thousand of new cars annually.


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The company is also the only North America’s single railroad freight car maker and engineering company to achieve the ISO 9001:2008 certification. The company has held the award for the last 18 years through yearly recertification processes. On top of that, it has been honored with the TTX SECO award which it has held since 1996. The award marks the company with the highest quality production. Additionally, Greg Aziz also gives back to the community through National Steel Car by sponsoring various community-based projects like Theatre Aquarius, the United Way, The Salvation Army, and Hamilton Opera among others. Also, thousands of the company’s current and former employees are invited to annual National Steel Car’s Christmas Party where they also participate in the company’s primary food drive meant for the various banks in Ontario. Together with his wife Irene, they are the financier of the great Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. This is Canada’s biggest agricultural fair.


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Greg Aziz: The Beneficial Leader To National Steel Car

National Steel Car is a company that has managed to stay at the top of the railroad industry, in spite of being in the sector for almost a hundred years. The company is currently being led by Greg Aziz, who is an incredible businessman and who has taken the company to a new avenue in the industry. Being well versed with businesses and knowing how to lead them has been a huge positive for Greg Aziz and National Steel Car as well. The company had prospered under his leadership and had even expanded to new territories that it did not divulge into before Aziz took over. Today, National Steel Car was founded in Ontario, and for an extremely long only offered their services to clients within the country. However, with Greg Aziz taking over as the leader of the company, from the previous owner—Dofasco, National Steel Car started offering its services to clients from America as well.



There is no doubt that Greg Aziz has played a vital role in taking the company into the future. Upgrading their production methods and technology has always been one of the core aspects of National Steel Car. The only way that the company was able to keep up with the changing times is by upgrading themselves to be better than before. When Aziz took over as the CEO, he focused on this aspect entirely to take the company to the next level in the industry. Read This Page to learn more.


Aziz is incredibly good when it comes to businesses and running them. He earned a lot of experience while he was working for his family’s company which sold imported food products in local markets. The endeavor taught Aziz a lot of vital things that would go on to help him immensely through the course of his career. After working at his family’s company, he decided to move out of Canada to pursue other professional endeavors. He agreed that the field of finance would be the best fit for him and took up a job in banking at a notable Wall Street financial company. Greg Aziz worked with large clients coming to them from all over the world. National Steel Car was also one of the clients who came to the company for help. Aziz was asked to work with the company, offering them financial advice that would help them develop their business better. Because of the incredible work that he did for the company and their progress, he was asked to join National Steel Car as their full-time advisor.

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The Intriguing And Colorful Career Of Ted Bauman

     In 2013, Ted Bauman went to work for Banyan Hill Publishing. The serves as the editor of the Alpha Stock Alert, the Plan B Club, and The Bauman Letter. His specialties include international migration issues, asset protection, low-risk investment strategies, and privacy. He lives with his family in Atlanta, Georgia.

Ted Bauman has dedicated his life to helping place individual’s directly in touch with the resources required to live a life of sovereignty, free from corporate greed, and governmental oversights. He was raised on the eastern shore of Maryland, and born in Washington D.C. When he was a young man, he emigrated to South Africa, and received postgraduate degrees in History, and Economics from the University of Cape Town. During his 25-year South African career, Ted Bauman served the nonprofit sector in numerous executive positions. This was primarily in the capacity of a fund manager for housing projects with low-costs. He was one of the founders of Slum Dwellers Internationals, which has helped more than fourteen million individuals located in 35 separate countries.

Ted Bauman served as a consultant in the 2000’s, and his writing, and research focused on finance, and issues in urban, and housing planning. His clients were diverse including the European grant-making agencies, the South African government, the World Bank, and the United Nations. He returned to the United States in 2008, and served Habitat for Humanity International as the Director of International Housing Programs. In 2013, he left to pursue full-time writing, and research.

Ted Bauman has traveled the world for numerous projects in international housing. He has been a visitor in 75 countries, with extensive travels in the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. He learned from his experiences that placing all his eggs in the same basket is not wise. He finds storing his wealth in numerous countries is safer, and more profitable. He has learned about storing gold, and banking in Switzerland, Costa Rica’s more reasonable health care, Uruguay’s finest oceanside property, and where cash should be placed for the future. Ted Bauman recommends many economic opportunities, and personal solutions in his monthly Bauman newsletter to help his subscribers lead more enriched lives.

The Sovereign Investor Daily is a free daily newsletter, and Ted Bauman contributes weekly. He has been published in a wide array of international journals including Small Enterprise Development, Environment and Urbanization, the Journal of Microfinance, the South African press, Cape Argus, the Cape Times, Guardian, Mail, and the New Internationalist.