AvaTrade Review Showcases Why The Company Is A Leader In The Industry

AvaTrade was founded in 2006 and originally went by the name AvaFX. The name change was meant to represent rebranding efforts that reflect the company’s shift towards the trading of multiple assets as the company expanded to include markets other than Forex trading. In a little over a decade in operations, the company has grown to include offices in 11 countries and provisions for multiple trading platforms that include all devices with access to the web. These platforms facilitate trades of multiple forex options, as well as various classes of CFD including cryptocurrency.


The company also has offices of operation Ireland, Australia, and Japan. In addition to these major markets, AvaTrade also operates regulated entities in the nations of South Africa and the British Virgin Islands.


Trading Costs

AvaTrade offers two pricing methods to its customers: A fixed spread and a variable spread.


Education and Research

Customers of AvaTrade benefit from an assortment of accumulated tools and resources from respected third parties. Users of ‘SharpTrader’ are privy to a library of articles released daily containing critical education and analysis of available markets.


AvaTrade also offers platforms where customers can follow other traders in a social environment that facilitates the trading of ideas.


AutoChartist is another popular platform offered by AvaTrade and is a group sequence recognition tools to support that analysis of options made by account holders that deposit more than $500. Customers of AvaTrade agree that the company offers balanced and helpful solutions to research needs that cross multiple channels.



Another perk offered by AvaTrade to its customers is the opportunity to earn referral bonuses. Every referral to a new customer that is executed by existing customer results in a bonus from $75 to $400.


Customer Support

Customer support for the company is available on a 24 hour a day, 5 days a week basis. Support representatives are available I multiple languages and can be accessed by telephone, email, social media, and a variety of other mediums.

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