Unassailable Commitment For Cancer Patients Of Dr. Clay Siegall

As a fresh wound in his heart, Dr. Clay Siegall remembers the struggle that his father went through who was suffering from cancer when Siegall was just 19 years old. Since there no better treatment for the disease his father passed on after 5 years. This awakened the eyes of this doctor and came to a realization that oncologists had no right tools of treating his dad and other cancer patients. This stirred passion in him of improving the tools and became serious with his studies hence earning Doctorate in Genetics at George Washington University.

The same passion for cancer patients led Clay Siegall to co-found Seattle Genetics in 1998 where he currently serves as the President, CEO and the Chairman of the Board. The company is laid on the foundation of thorough research, scientific innovation, improvement and development of the drug in order to help cancer patients. Under his leadership, Seattle Genetics has been able to come up with an antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) called ADCETRIS which was approved by FDA in 2011. The drug has been approved globally in over 65 countries where it is being used. Thanks to Clay Siegall.

Having been in Genetics for over 30 years, this unassailable doctor has an aim of curbing cancer through developing some targeted drugs. One of the strategies that have made Clay Siegall successful in his business venture is collaboration and partnership with other leaders and innovators in the industry. With their ADC technology, his company has entered into various strategic licenses with Genentech, Pfizer, AbbVie, and GlaxoSmithKline.

Prior to founding Seattle Genetics, Clay Siegall worked for quite some time at the “Pharmaceutical Research Institute of Bristol-Myers Squibb” for 6 years where he was the Senior Research Investigator and Principal Scientist. He has also worked with National Cancer Institute for 3 years. In “Alder Biopharmaceuticals and Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc.”, he worked as the Director. He is the Director of WBBA and in the Board of Governors at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Business Alliance. He has received several awards including the University of Maryland (where he studied his B.S in Zoology) Alumnus of the Year 2013. He has written over 70 publications and received over 15 patents.

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