The RealReal: A Fresh New Look At Consignment

It’s Instagram post marvel with brand name products that are currently in demand. The RealReal cleverly posts photos on their instagram account showing what the luxury consignment startup has to offer. Consumers get a choice of sifting through necklaces, swimsuit, purses, handbags and jewelry, to name a few. The RealReal is moving up in the market since raising $173 million. They are giving customers a refreshing new take on a consignment shop at it’s new location in SoHo. The concept was born by Julie Wainwright back in 2011 and it has picked up in it’s success in the last few months. Wainwright is no stranger when it comes to business as she held a leading role at the Chief Executive. The RealReal is dedicated to offering authentic views customers came enjoy. It has an expert on staff determined to give consumers a chance at purchasing real items on display at the store.

One of the draws to The RealReal is that customers get a chance to buy those items on display and have them temporarily removed from the site as we consider their purchase from the shop floor. While in the store, they experience that need to snatch up an item fast before it’s gone, just as you would if buying online. Courtney Applebaum is the stores designer that included beautiful couches for customers to sit on while they wait as their items are being appraised. If you prefer to look around, you can grab a coffee downstairs from the Fox Fodder Farm company or visit the flower stall and pick up a stem. The Coffee bar has weekly workshops and events. Some of these workshops help attendees spot fake designer brands on the spot.

To help with finding clothes faster, the store has incorporated pulling clothes out from a list of large hidden cabinets. This gives the consumer an opportunity to pick through and find some hidden treasures. Many consumers have commented on the great conversations that you can have with sales associates when going through the racks and searching for something that sticks out and catches their eye.

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