Infinity Group Australia Rises at the Ranks of Most Innovative Companies

Infinity Group Australia shined at the Australian Financial Review awarding of the Most Innovative Companies, being ranked as the 58th all over the country and in New Zealand.


Infinity Group Australia was started by Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker in 2013. This company has soared to be one of the top ranking debt reduction services. They have helped many Australians, both individuals and business owners to reduce debt, manage finances, and to secure their assets in the long run. After 5 years since its debut, Infinity Group Australia has been given the award as one of the Most Innovative Companies for the year 2018.


2018 marks the 7th year that the Australian Financial Review announced winners for their Most Innovative Companies List. The awarding body was initially called BRW Most Innovative Companies. This yearly list of winners recognize the companies in Australia and New Zealand that demonstrated remarkable growth, innovation, and wise use of resources to serve their clients. This awarding body is unique and only one of its kind, with over 1.8 million readers all over Australia and New Zealand.


Australia’s pioneer in innovation consultancy called Inventium was responsible for judging the list of the companies that were included in the list. They are comprised of industry experts, leaders, and professionals who have a lot of knowledge in specific fields. Companies were judged based on how they solved problems of clients, their global impact, and their innovation capacities.



How Infinity Group Australia Helps People


Infinity Group Australia is a company that specializes in debt reduction. Once a client signs up for their services, a consultant will be ready to review the client’s income flow. Specific review and advice will be given to the client, and they will be in contact with banks and other creditors to help in more manageable financing options. Infinity Group Australia believes in treating each customer is a specialized way. There is no single solution to a problem–this is why they are considered innovative. They assess the client’s problem and prescribe custom-fit solutions according to their needs.


The work of Infinity Group Australia doesn’t end once the person is able to find a manageable debt reduction scheme–the company is able to assist in all areas of financial management as well. Aside from reducing debt, they can also offer advice to improve cash flow, to manage assets, and to help clients experience financial freedom.¬†Learn more :¬†