Dick Devos Meets with FAA Council in Washington

Have you seen the news in Washington? Many are turning heads at the Devos family, who have recently been moving in political circles. Beth Devos is the new 11th US Secretary of Education, and her husband was recently appointed to a council by the FAA in September 2017. The new council is a civilian board named the Management Advisory Council.


The council consists of 13 members who have been chosen throughout 2016 and 2017 to serve the FAA by advising on important matters. The council can help with policies, regulations, budgets, future growth ideas, and any other topic that it think will help the FAA in its quest to improve the aviation industry in America. This comes after President Trump challenged the aviation industry, stating that America had fallen behind, particularly because of the airports.


Devos has been working with one airport for many decades in his hometown of Grand Rapids. The small airport has some historical value being around since the early 1900s, but it wasn’t until much recently that it had ever turned a great profit. In fact, the airport received a $45 million fund to help renovate thanks to the airlines at the airport.


The CEO of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport has partnered with Devos for many years. Together they have helped raise ticket sales and change the face of the airport to be more business-centric. Business travelers of all kinds can now appreciate a new business traveler center as well as food court upgrades that have changed the airport into a more modern experience.


This is exactly what the FAA is looking for help with. The agency has been making policy updates throughout 2018 and has even approved a budget for a $40 million renovation of the GSO Tower. This is important to the future of aviation in America.


The council has several members who come from transportation authority backgrounds, but it’s the former airline executives and business leaders who have been helping the FAA look for ideas for future growth. Devos is among them. He has been meeting with the FAA once every quarter for the past year to help.


He will continue to meet with the council throughout 2019. The FAA has recently announced new policy updates.


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