A Look At What Organo Gold Offers In The Way Of Beverages

Organo Gold is a Canadian firm that started out in a small garage. Today they have a huge headquarters and a sales and marketing network which is active on five continents. They offer a range of beverages which includes tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and body management shakes. They also offer a toothpaste and skincare product. All of these products have something in common which is the Asian herb Ganoderma Lucidum.

Ganoderma Lucidum is included because of its health benefits. Proponents of this herb say that it helps them lose weight, reduce inflammation, fight fatigue, and increase energy among other reasons they consume it. Tea and coffee also have health benefits as they are rich in antioxidants. Among their health benefits are a little lower risk of stroke, a reduced chance of developing Parkinson’s disease and diabetes among other benefits.

Organo Gold’s products are sold through independent distributors. They learn all about what this company has to offer and how to become excellent at sales and marketing by attending Organo Gold University. Courses are taught online and can be accessed both through a browser on a desktop or laptop as well as through their dedicated mobile app. they also host an annual convention for independent distributors. The Your Future Now 2018 convention is being held on November 10th in Rome Italy, for example.

Their line of body management products is known as OGX FENIX. There are four products in this Organo Gold line including four flavors, rich chocolate, creamy vanilla, mango peach, and pink lemonade. FENIX DX is used to support the bodies detoxification system. FENIX XT is a drink that boosts energy. OGX FENIX Creamy Vanilla and GOX FENIX Rich Chocolate are filled with bioactive nutrient as well as protein which can help with weight loss.

About Organo Gold: www.indeed.com/cmp/Organo-Gold/reviews

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