Freedom Checks are the Key to a Lasting Retirement

Hard workers all over he country often wonder which method is the safest or most rewarding opportunity for their retirement savings. They frequent look to the stock markets or their personal 401Ks, while others simply choose to save themselves. However, there is a new investment method on the market known as Freedom Checks. It is completely legal and has already given back millions to some clients. In a Affiliate Dork article, they describe how Matt Badiali created this system.In the finance industry, Matt Badiali actually comes from an unusual background. He was on the path to getting a degree in Geology, and was frequently traveling the world to gather experience.

At one point, a friend introduced him to the potential geology could bring into the finance industry. The result was the Freedom Checks program, which operates as a Master Limited Partnership. A company only needs to operate and distribute energy mostly domestically to qualify for this program.Freedom checks operate in a similar manner to the stock market. A company invests their money directly into a company, and sits back to watch their profits grow. The key difference is Stock Markets are intertwined to each other and highly subject to volatility.By comparison, the energy industry is booming all over the business world and it is always in demand.

This means a consumer is more likely to receive higher returns, at a faster rate than more common methods. Matt Badiali suggests beginning with a small down payment and working up form there.At the end of the day, consumers will gravitate towards the retirement strategy they fell most conformable with. Stock Markets and 401Ks are traditional methods that have long term proven success. However, Matt Badiali has collected testimony to showcase how much his clients have profited off the unique investment program. He is proud to being millions back into the pockets of hard working individuals who want to see the industry improve with the power of Freedom Checks

Vijay Eswaran: A philanthropy Hero

The word hero holds a lot of weight. It implies that the person given that title is giving, selfless, and has done something in the world that is highly prized by humanity. The definition and connotation of this word has been given by Forbes to South-East Asian business executive extraordinary Vijay Eswaran. Co-founder of the Hong Kong based marketing and e-commerce company named QI Group, Mr. Eswaran has worked tirelessly to grow his business and to also give back to his country and the rest of the world.

As per tradition, Forbes Asia has published its yearly list of philanthropic heroes which include billionaires and other unknown citizens that have made a noticeable impact in Southeast Asia by way of philanthropy. Of the 48 chosen, Vijay Eswaran was selected among the top candidates on the list. Mr. Eswaran has been greatly involved in philanthropy and has two foundations which oversee his philanthropic work. They are his RYTHYM Foundation, and his Vijayaratnam Foundation which is a subchapter of RYTHYM. The RYTHYM foundation has been deeply involved with disaster relief, educational reform, child development, comminity development, and many more global issues. The subchapter of RYTHM, Vijayaratnam (which is Malaysian based), has been more closely involved with the empowerment of women, arts and culture, protection of the environment, and child mentoring. His efforts have greatly increased the quality of life for many people worldwide, and he has no plans to stop his philanthropic efforts. Vijay Eswaran stated to Forbes, “I am deeply humbled by this honor. I come from a family where philanthropy has been a way of life. My parents have instilled in me the value of being in service to others from a young age. And one of my icons is Mahatma Gandhi whose teachings form the basis of RYTHM – Raise Yourself To Help Mankind, which led to the inception of the RYTHM Foundation.”

An extraordinary businessman, and a pillar for philanthropy throughout Asia and the rest of the world, Mr. Eswaran has brought much deserved attention to his self and business. Forbes did not use the monetary value of his efforts to place him on this list, but rather wants to use a mix of notable persons throughout the world who have made great efforts into making the world a better place.


Hyland’s Oral Pain Relief Tablets: One Big Happy (and Healthy) Family!

One of the oldest adages that people still consider when determining what is the most important thing in life is “as long as you have your health.” That is easy to remember until you walk into a pharmacy searching for the right teething tablets for your toddler. The side effects of many pharmaceuticals seem to sound worse than the condition you are using them for. But there is good news: Hyland’s is a homeopathic company that has been a family-run business since their origins in 1903.

While most health-related companies are overseen by impersonal big businesses, Hyland’s has not only always had family members at the helm, they based many of their products on the needs of their own family members. In 1940, Cecil Craig’s daughter had trouble swallowing baby aspirins so he created Hyland’s Pink Aspirin for Children. The quick dissolving tablets made it much easier to treat little ones.

While this company has products for the entire family, one of their newest items is Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets. Teething is a traumatic and painful experience for every baby and parents usually scramble to find ways to ease the discomfort of teething. These tablets dissolve instantly getting right to work on the usual teething issues as well as reducing swollen gums, soothing sensitive areas, and relieving oral discomfort. Also available is Hyland’s Baby Nighttime Oral Pain Relief Tablets for when your child just can’t get to sleep because of teething pain.

Besides teething tablets, Hyland’s has a full line of healing items for the entire family. You can find homeopathic products that can treat everything from the cold and flu to allergies and health issues specifically for women.

Whenever someone in the family becomes ill most people seek advice from family members and friends. Isn’t it comforting to know that there is a company of family members you can check in with any time you need them? Make sure to check out the company’s website at to see the more than 100 products that Hyland’s has to offer.


Todd Levine: An Outstanding Real Estate Litigation Attorney

Lawyers are always recognized for their outstanding work. One law firm that has been receiving a lot of recognition is the Kluger Kaplan firm. Most of the lawyers from this firm were recognized for their hard work. Some of the lawyers to get recognized were Alan Kluger, Steve Silverman, Abbey Kaplan, and Todd Levine. The awards are for the best lawyers in the industry. They were recognized for their dedication and professionalism. The lawyers were recognized in the real estate litigation category.

Todd Levine is the founding member of the Kluger Kaplan law firm. He handles all the business disputes. Attorney Levine focuses on real estate litigation. The attorney also deals with cases including property owners, real estate brokers, investors, developers, contractors, and institutions. Attorney Todd Levine loves music, art, and science.

Todd Levine always looks out for ways to incorporate his analytical skills into his strategy. The best lawyers list is compiled after peer review evaluation. Over 87,000 lawyers make the votes, and an attorney gets votes based on the specific category. There were over 7.8 million votes for the 2019 best lawyer’s edition.

Kluger, Katzan, Kaplan, and Levine is a private firm that deals with litigation. It has offices in Minneapolis, Boca Raton, and Miami. The law firm specializes in different areas. The law firm has handled cases in sports, entertainment, commercial litigation, fashion law, construction litigation, probate, and employment litigation family law. The law firm no doubt delivers the best service.

The firm has also received recognition for being the best in publications. Some of its publications include super lawyers, south Florida legal guide, chamber USA, and Florida trends legal elite. Kluger Kaplan law firm is dedicated to providing its clients with the best service. The lawyers in Kluger Kaplan firm have a drive for success and ambition.

A Look At What Organo Gold Offers In The Way Of Beverages

Organo Gold is a Canadian firm that started out in a small garage. Today they have a huge headquarters and a sales and marketing network which is active on five continents. They offer a range of beverages which includes tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and body management shakes. They also offer a toothpaste and skincare product. All of these products have something in common which is the Asian herb Ganoderma Lucidum.

Ganoderma Lucidum is included because of its health benefits. Proponents of this herb say that it helps them lose weight, reduce inflammation, fight fatigue, and increase energy among other reasons they consume it. Tea and coffee also have health benefits as they are rich in antioxidants. Among their health benefits are a little lower risk of stroke, a reduced chance of developing Parkinson’s disease and diabetes among other benefits.

Organo Gold’s products are sold through independent distributors. They learn all about what this company has to offer and how to become excellent at sales and marketing by attending Organo Gold University. Courses are taught online and can be accessed both through a browser on a desktop or laptop as well as through their dedicated mobile app. they also host an annual convention for independent distributors. The Your Future Now 2018 convention is being held on November 10th in Rome Italy, for example.

Their line of body management products is known as OGX FENIX. There are four products in this Organo Gold line including four flavors, rich chocolate, creamy vanilla, mango peach, and pink lemonade. FENIX DX is used to support the bodies detoxification system. FENIX XT is a drink that boosts energy. OGX FENIX Creamy Vanilla and GOX FENIX Rich Chocolate are filled with bioactive nutrient as well as protein which can help with weight loss.

About Organo Gold:

How Peter Briger Successfully Invests At Fortress Investment Group

A graduate of Princeton University and the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business, Peter Briger has been working in the financial industry since 1987. He spent the first half of his professional career at Goldman Sachs and the latter half at Fortress Investment Group. Since 2002, he has been a principal at Fortress and is also now the co-chairman of the board.

He heads the private credit group at Fortress as well as its real estate group. Working out of his office in San Francisco, Peter Briger investment specialty is scooping up distressed debt that other investors are looking to sell. He has been successful at this throughout his career but especially so in the wake of the Great Recession.

The 2009 recession was largely caused by the banking industry overextending itself and making terrible financial decisions. Due to this, the U.S. House and Senate acted by passing the Dodd-Frank regulatory reform legislation. This legislation was passed to prevent banks from investing too much into risky assets and having it blow up the global economy again.

Peter Briger says that due to this legislation his business has largely become a “financial services garbage collection” task. He buys the distressed debt banks have to sell in order to comply with this legislation and its requirement to have large capital reserves to ensure against the risky assets on their books, known as underperforming or risky illiquid assets.

He buys this debt at a huge discount and holds onto it until it has greatly increased in value. He then sells it off to other investors and has a huge payday. This type of investing requires someone with a keen understanding on what they’re doing like Peter Briger otherwise the likely result is it blowing up in the investor’s face. SoftBank’s Big Fortress Takeover Is A Bet On Infrastructure, Senior Housing And Mortgages

He is engaged in the broader community in several ways. Peter Briger serves as an investor and mentor for the Princeton Entrepreneurship Council where he helps budding entrepreneurs develop new businesses. He is also on the board of advisors for CNAS (Center For New American Security) and has a seat on the board of the San Francisco nonprofits Tipping Point and Caliber Schools.

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Aloha Construction Treats All Customers Like Family

Finding the right contractor for your roof repair, storm damage, or major renovation project is essential to getting the high-quality end results that you desire. For those who live in the greater Illinois and Wisconsin area, the smart choice for this type of work has always been clear, Aloha!. No, that’s not a bon voyage wish for those heading to Hawaii, it’s the name of the predominant leader in storm damage and renovation contractors serving the region. In a recent article appearing on a popular online business magazine, everything that you could ever want or need to know about Illinois’ longtime favorite contracting company Aloha construction is broken down into an easily readable format. But for those who didn’t see the article here is a quick recap.


Aloha construction was founded by Dave Farbaky as a family owned general contractor service, and was reorganized over the years to become one of the largest and most respected contractor services in the state of Illinois. Eventually, the company expanded across the border and gained licensure to also operate in southern Wisconsin. This allowed the firm to deliver the same high-quality results and exceptional customer care to more families and businesses in the region. Dave Farbaky is still the CEO of the company and heads it with pride, and with high moral and ethical standards. His commitment to treating every single one of their customers and projects the same as he would treat a project for his own family carries over to every employee who works at aloha. This commitment is also what has set the company apart from its competition and made it the leader for storm repair as well as renovations and improvements.


Aloha Construction offers a broad range of services including roof repair, window and door installation, siding installs, renovations and remolding, gutter services, and property inspections. That last item is of particular note. Aloha will provide you with a free property inspection before any service they perform and explain to you in a clear and detailed way what needs to be done and why. They will point out the items that are critical, the things that can wait a bit but really need to be done, and the stuff that is optional but you may want to consider to make your home or business more comfortable and beautiful. Aloha construction also offers financing assistance for those who qualify to help make it easier to take care of storm or other catastrophe damage, or any other major home improvement, without having to worry about breaking the bank.

Shervin Pishevar: Blockchain Decentralization and the Future of Online Transactions

Shervin Pishevar believes in blockchain technology. Why? Well, there are a lot of reasons, but the objective here is to examine the decentralization aspects. The first thing to understand is that technology is no longer being developed by hobbyists in their garage. Far from it. A few big corporations decide much of the fate of technological innovation.

Now the objective of blockchains is not purely toward decentralization. The new industry is not directly opposing any administration. In fact, blockchain technology is concerned with the secure transaction and recording of digital data. Cryptography is more fundamental to the technology than decentralization. The emergence of private blockchains demonstrates this fact.

Online transactions are more than money. This is apparent in the unending tweets and image shares. The difference between cryptocurrencies and blockchains can be thought of in the same way. Shervin Pishevar understands the importance of both. On the one hand, blockchains can provide the efficiency that the Internet so sorely needs. It would reduce clutter and open up opportunities. In regard to online finances, cryptocurrencies provide an answer to Shervin Pishevar’s discussion about the Federal Reserve.

Permanent digital transactions can be quite transformative. Consider Shervin Pishevar’s comments about the stifling of innovation in the small business sector. How often are smartphones thrown away? Cloud storage is a rapidly growing enterprise because new devices and software are in constant need. It makes less sense to store precious images and valuable data on an external hard drive if it will quickly become incompatible. Additionally, the world is now mobile first.

What if we could choose that our information is permanently recorded on the Internet? Not housed by a private company on a server, but rather, cryptographically secure such that only the owner could gain or grant access. Remember, those private cloud companies often have direct access to their clients’ information. If not direct, then for security reasons, a back door just makes sense. This is not the case with blockchain technology. Quite a different world, right? Imagine the possibilities. Some are calling it (blockchain) the next evolution of the Internet.


Dick Devos Meets with FAA Council in Washington

Have you seen the news in Washington? Many are turning heads at the Devos family, who have recently been moving in political circles. Beth Devos is the new 11th US Secretary of Education, and her husband was recently appointed to a council by the FAA in September 2017. The new council is a civilian board named the Management Advisory Council.


The council consists of 13 members who have been chosen throughout 2016 and 2017 to serve the FAA by advising on important matters. The council can help with policies, regulations, budgets, future growth ideas, and any other topic that it think will help the FAA in its quest to improve the aviation industry in America. This comes after President Trump challenged the aviation industry, stating that America had fallen behind, particularly because of the airports.


Devos has been working with one airport for many decades in his hometown of Grand Rapids. The small airport has some historical value being around since the early 1900s, but it wasn’t until much recently that it had ever turned a great profit. In fact, the airport received a $45 million fund to help renovate thanks to the airlines at the airport.


The CEO of the Gerald R. Ford International Airport has partnered with Devos for many years. Together they have helped raise ticket sales and change the face of the airport to be more business-centric. Business travelers of all kinds can now appreciate a new business traveler center as well as food court upgrades that have changed the airport into a more modern experience.


This is exactly what the FAA is looking for help with. The agency has been making policy updates throughout 2018 and has even approved a budget for a $40 million renovation of the GSO Tower. This is important to the future of aviation in America.


The council has several members who come from transportation authority backgrounds, but it’s the former airline executives and business leaders who have been helping the FAA look for ideas for future growth. Devos is among them. He has been meeting with the FAA once every quarter for the past year to help.


He will continue to meet with the council throughout 2019. The FAA has recently announced new policy updates.


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Wes Edens Is A Businessman Who Thinks Outside Of The Box

Wes Edens is the co-founder and chairman of Fortress Investment Group, and he is also a co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks. He is known to be a man who makes counterintuitive investments that seem to work out more often than not. Recently, he is working with Fortress in order to invest over $3 billion into a private passenger railroad in the state of Florida. He also recently purchased a majority stake in Aston Villa, which is a soccer team in England.

Wes Edens serves as a co-CEO for Fortress Investment Group and helped the company become one of the original private equity funds to go public. He was raised on a Montana ranch and enjoyed skiing competitively when he was younger. He attended Oregon State University and graduated with degrees in business administration and finance. After that, he moved to San Francisco where he served a small bank until he was encouraged to move to New York and start a career on Wall Street. He ended up working for the Lehman Brothers and BlackRock while there until he banded together with the team who started up Fortress.

Today, Wes Edens works hard to help build companies that can stand the test of time. He decided to create New Fortress Energy, which is a company all unto itself that builds clean energy projects in the United States and countries that are developing. He also started up Caldera House, which is a luxury hotel that is located in Jackson, Wyoming where he loves to partake in rock climbing and skiing. Edens “outside-of-the-box” thinking is what has turned his railroad company, Brightline, into the successful project it has become. The railroad now serves passengers who travel West Palm Beach to Fort Lauderdale and vice versa and is expanding into Miami.

Wes Edens is also responsible for the new arena that the Milwaukee Bucks will be playing in and believes that it will help the economy of Milwaukee’s downtown area. He believes that the Buck’s new coach Jason Kidd will help to improve the team and has been eyeing the championship trophy for some time. Click here