Makeup Routine Tips and Beauty Product Recommendations from Lime Crime

It’s easy to sit back and see the world around us via your fingertips. Seeing some of the hottest trends of the moment, one particular style draws your attention and makes you think, “I could rock that… but how would I even start?”

The best way to put your own fashionable foot forward? Try your makeup routine! Lime Crime offers beauty products that are cruelty-free and trendy, and helpful tips that will make you feel as beautiful as you truly are, no matter how much or how little you wear. Follow these beauty tips and you’ll be ready to rock the season’s hottest trends!

A go-to eye palette that plays up your eyes

Whether you wake up early enough to enjoy the sunrise, have your coffee, and put on a full face of makeup or with just barely a half hour to get ready, you’ve gotta have a go-to eyeshadow palette.

Lime Crime’s Venus line of palettes are all eight bright and vividly pigmented colors, even their neutral shades have sheen. The Pink Lemonade Pocket Candy Palette collection features five different shades of eye makeup and offer both glittery and matte options.

Matte lips that play up your eyes

Matte lipstick hugs the lips and gives them a more natural finish. Go for a nude or light shade to give your lips color, but won’t completely steal the attention from your eyes. Lime Crime’s liquid-matte Apricot Nude is neutral but not nude, with rosy tones and a smooth finish that won’t smudge.

Your personal best foundation

You want a foundation that literally enhances and holds together your entire look. Three very important things to consider when choosing the right foundation are SPF content, texture and how it feels on your skin, and ensure it matches your skin-tone for best coverage.