Customer Reviews Are A Highlight Of The Marketing Of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics

The switch to Online retailing has made a major difference to the way the public goes about shopping and deciding on which products or services they should purchase over the Internet. Fabletics was born in 2013 as a subscription-based retailer with a group of loyal customers who are being leveraged by the company to provide the highest-quality reviews to drive membership up in a positive way; the chance to enjoy a range of quality athletic wear which is chosen by an algorithm when members complete a lifestyle quiz providing a glimpse into the many different options open to the individual for getting the clothing to fit into their active lifestyle.


Customer reviews have become an important part of the Online retail industry and a major reason why Fabletics is challenging the 20 percent market-share dominance of Amazon in the fashion clothing sector. For the majority of customers deciding whether to purchase clothing from Fabletics the reviews of others now form a major part of the decision to join this subscription service; in fact, many subscribers will treat an Online review in the same way as a referral from a friend or relative when looking for new options for purchasing clothing.


Best known for her acting roles in movies such as “Almost Famous”, Kate Hudson has become the face of the marketing campaigns of Fabletics and plays a key role in the development of the brand. Hudson was chosen by TechStyle founders Adam Goldenberg and Dan Ressler to act as the brand ambassador for Fabletics early in the development phase of the company as it was felt she reflected the active lifestyle and healthy options the brand has attempted to encourage. After joining the brand in its early stages, Kate Hudson has added a range of skills to those she already had in the entertainment industry.


Kate Hudson has become a major part of the entire brand at Fabletics after spending much of the last few years discovering more about the entire brand and how the business operates. Among the areas of success for Kate Hudson has been the development of a new customer service department and acting as the major ambassador for Online and physical marketing options. Among the successful aspects of the work of Kate Hudson with Fabletics has been the ability to act as a link to the public who have made her Instagram and social media accounts among the most popular on the Internet.