Drew Madden, the Evergreen Healthcare Partners Co-founder Gives Aspiring Entrepreneurs Wholesome Advice

Aspiring entrepreneurs can now relax because they have a mentor they can always turn to whenever they need advice. Drew Madden, a renowned electronic medical records IT expert shares some of the most practical tips to those who want to invest in any field. In a rare interview, Madden discloses what many successful entrepreneurs consider secrets of success thus do not share openly. First, the interviewer sought to know when Drew started developing the idea of starting his own healthcare consultancy firm.

“It is an idea that I have had for the past 15 years. All this time, I have been waiting for the right time to actualize it. When the time came, I wouldn’t waste even a minute. I launched it,” speaks the Evergreen Healthcare Partners co-founder Drew Madden.

For over 15 years since his graduation from the University Of Iowa College Of Engineering, the BSE in Industrial Engineering holder has worked in various institutions. His skills in electronic medical records (EMR) coupled with healthcare IT expertise have enabled Drew to bring changes to many institutions. Once he is absorbed in an organization, his aim is to ensure the speed at which clients are served increases. Besides, being an IT expert in the electronic medical records (EMR) management, it is his responsibility that accessing clients’ medical records is enhanced.

During a previous interview in 2014, Drew expressed his feeling about what he does. “I’m passionate about Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and have spent over a decade collaborating with the best and brightest in the health industry to optimize, troubleshoot, implement, and tackle the complex challenges that accompany any EMR project,” he said.

Today, as the co-partner of a reputable healthcare consultancy firm, Madden’s goal remains the same. He intends to serve as many people as possible in his firm. He urges young and aspiring entrepreneurs to sharpen their investment skills. During the latest interview, he advised young entrepreneurs to learn the tactics that will help them come to the limelight. One of the greatest challenges that face modern entrepreneurs, Madden said, is lack of the requisite skills. He pointed out that the ability to listen while others are talking is the key to successful entrepreneurship.