Kim Dao Goes on the Bullet Train From Osaka

After spending a week sightseeing in Osaka and staying with her host family ( Kim Dao decided to take the  Bullet Train back to Tokyo. She took a regular train down to Osaka because it was Golden Week in Japan. The entire trip took 12 hours. Kim Dao decided she wanted to take the Bullet Train back because it would be faster. Because the Bullet train was heavily booked going down to the city of Osaka, Kim Dao believed that she would have been squished on the three-hour trip. So, Kim Dao decided to take a normal train instead. She did like watching the interesting views of the countryside from the train window, but Kim Dao said it did take 12 hours to get to Osaka.Learn more :


Kim Dao was able to buy tickets for the Kodoma bullet train, the slowest of all the bullet trains in Japan because it makes more stops than the others. Once she was all packed and said goodbye to her host family, she was on her way to the Shin -Osaka train station. If her host family ever comes to Japan or Australia, she would love to show them around. She lamented that she lived in Tokyo instead of Osaka. Before leaving, Kim Dao ate her breakfast of toast with cheese and ham, a bowl of strawberries,and a cup of coffee to drink. The train trip took about 3.5 hours, one forth the time a regular train takes.Learn more :

Kim Dao Reviews Korean Pokemon Makeup from Tonymoly

Popular YouTube video blogger Kim Dao shows viewers the TONYMOLY Pokémon makeup and skincare line. This video also includes a giveaway for subscribers of the Kim Dao channel. Kim Dao is even wearing a Pokémon sweater in the video as she describes her recent visit to Korea when she purchased the exclusive TONYMOLY collection inspired by Pokémon. The items that Kim Dao purchased from this collection include a mix of skincare and makeup products. Kim Dao features the hand cream first. The Pikachu hand cream comes in a yellow tube, and the Jiggly Pufff Purin hand cream is in a soft pink colored tube. Kim Dao mentions that there were several other choices, but she doesn’t use hand cream that much so she only chose two. Kim Dao rubs the Pikachu hand cream into her skin first and she comments that it smells a lot like a banana smoothie. Once Kim Dao rubs in the Jiggly Puff hand cream she states that the Pikachu cream smelled much better. Kim Dao reveals samples of the other hand cream scents, and each one has a distinct fragrance but they are all equally moisturizing. Kim Dao also reveals the Pikachu nail polish that Sunny got for her. Lip colors and skin care products from the collection are also used and featured by Kim Dao in this video.

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