Marathon Pharmaceuticals, LLC, is a biopharmaceutical company with its headquarters in Northbrook, Illinois and offices in New Jersey, Chicago and Washington, D.C. They employ from fifty-one to two hundred employees. This company creates and manufactures treatments and provides medications for those with rare diseases, neurological ailments and other medical disorders.


Marathon Pharmaceuticals provides the products they develop for many children’s hospitals and pediatric offices all across the United States. They also opened the Marathon Bioscience Center in Chicago, with a staff that executes the clinical and research aspect of developing new cancer therapies and therapies for endocrine deficiencies; central nervous system and gastrointestinal diseases; and movement functions disorders, as well as knowing the legal regulations of the products. Marathon likes to make sure that patients who have no options, are out of options and/or have no means for medical care at all, can get the medications, therapies and care needed.


On top of all the great medical innovations mentioned, Marathon Pharmaceuticals launched a new needle-free injection system called ZINGO, a sterile, ready-to-use system that can be stored at room temperature then discarded after use. It is used especially for children who are worried and have anxiety when having a medical procedure, such as having an anesthetic administered using needles. With this system, they feel no pain, and it deters the possibility of having to be restrained when a needle is used. This is a great reassurance for parents, as well.


A Gazette article explains how Marathon prefers to produce smaller volumes of hard to manufacture adult medications rather than mass quantities. Some they have produced are:


  1. Seconal Sodium and Amytal Sodium – barbiturate medications that give patients

a feeling of drowsiness and sedation before having surgery.

  1. PEPCID – used for ulcers, heartburn and GERD that helps reduce the acid in a

patient’s stomach.

  1. Opium Tincture: helps reduce muscle contractions in patients when treating

diarrhea and gastric pressure problems.


Marathon Pharmaceuticals will continue to focus on individuals with rare diseases and do research for new medications and treatments that will keep hope alive for many.

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